Desporto Juvenil: Contributos da Psicologia para o Desenvolvimento dos Atletas
Youth sport: Contributions of psychology to the development of athletes
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One purpose...

To develop human potential!

School of Life Skills

The School of Life Skills (SLS) implements and evaluates life skills programs in different ages and contexts. SLS is based on the work produced by the research group Adaptation, Performance, and Human Development. This group is part of the Psychology Research Centre, from the University of Minho's School of Psychology, and integrates the Health, Well-being, and Performance Lab.

Life Skills

Life skills encompass human potentialities that can be stimulated through systematic training or that are developed "implicitly" from people's everyday experiences, allowing human adaptation to changing events.

For example, people may learn to set goals in order to keep motivated for a given activity, but this life skill can then be used in other areas, helping people to remain motivated in daily life. (See more)

Our interests

  • Learning, automation, and generalization of life skills by each person, team, and organization!
  • Stimulating individual, group, and organizational potentialities!
  • Challenging personal limits!
  • Testing and evaluating life skills training!

How we work

1. Evaluation

Analysis of personal life skills, before intervention, and motivation to intervention

4. Transference

Application of the life skills to the specific reality of each person

2. Learning

Understanding how life skills training works

5. Evaluation

Analysis of personal life skills, after intervention

3. Automatization

Training and acquisition of the life skills

6. Monitoring

Following the use of life skill in the daily functioning of each person

What you can achieve

  • Data about your life skills!
  • Individualized consulting from specialized professionals!
  • Learning and acquisition of life skills!
  • Developing individual action plans essential to personal and professional success!
  • Individualized monitoring during the implementation of life skills in real life situations!


The projects developed by the SLS are implemented within a logic of "action-research" through collected indicators that allow the efficacy of the intervention to be tested. The evaluation indicators are collected before and after the intervention.

How S●LS works

Supporting our projects






Participants in children and youth interventions


Participants in adult interventions

More about us

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What people are saying...

In a time of technological primacy, the capacity to enthusiasm, to transform, and to mobilize skills remain central attributes to promote change in our society!
Rui Gomes

Rui Gomes

University of Minho - Portugal